Your Acreage Rocks

Your Acreage Rocks

We humans are funny creatures! While one person will go to great expense to remove rocks from their land (e.g. a farmer),

others will go to great expense to buy and haul rocks for landscaping (e.g. an acreage owner).

The land where Prairie View Properties is located just outside Humboldt and was used for growing crops until we began developing it. There is plenty of productive soil, but the farmer spent a lot of time trying to move any large rocks off of their land, as the boulders were hard on equipment and made their job more difficult.

Now that the property has been engineered and prepared for developing a neighbourhood, those stones offer a lot of great potential – that other acreage owners would have to buy or go without.

We have been collecting a number of ideas for future use of the rocks – for which the possibilities will outlast the number of boulders – but we will use as many as we can.

Web Resource: River Town Landscapes

We began by using some of the beautiful flat boulders to create a community camp fire circle in our Phase I park space.

Some other possibilities we have implemented, or are planning for:

  • Having the option to include stone features around a home without increasing your budget is a landscaper’s dream. How would you choose to incorporate the rocks into your yard?