Making Your Acreage Your Own

Making Your Acreage Your Own

The best of both worlds: living on an acreage, but having neighbours close by; building in the country, close to the city. However, you still want to be able to have privacy and a yard that is distinctly your own. How do you achieve this? As I’ve mentioned before, there are a number of ways, and it all starts with a plan. The desire to be protected from the elements and being out of plain view is an understandable wish. You may also want to create visual barriers, to highlight the features of your new home. But, how do you achieve that and how long will it take?

Option #1 – use plants as barriers
A personal favorite, trees and shrubs can be amazing living barriers. The upside is that they have their own beauty that increases as the plants mature. At Prairie View Properties, all our lot owners have access to our established tree nursery, including Colorado spruce, lilacs and green ash trees. This is a free option to begin completing your landscaping vision. Selecting fast growing, prairie hardy species can quickly enclose your space. A drawback of using plants is that they may not grow as quickly as you’d like and can require some TLC in the first years (watering and weeding).

Option #2 – using stones/rock to define property lines
Using stones or rocks as boundaries may not be an option at all locations, as rocks are quite expensive to purchase and transport. We have a unique option at Prairie View Properties, as the site has large rocks, with great landscaping potential, as we have already used in our Phase I greenspace. Rocks may be placed as an entrance driveway feature, or to define garden borders – the possibilities are endless!

Option #3 – installing feature fences
Fences can be an attractive, fairly quick way to isolate part or all of your acreage, especially if you have a pet or small children you want to keep an eye on! Fences can also be a striking feature, complementing the style of your home. The options for fence materials range widely, from wooden or vinyl railing, to chain link to wrought iron. At the end of the day, budget likely affect your selection as much as your desire to have a beautiful feature fence.

Defining beautiful borders: one more step towards making your acreage your own!