What's so great about Humboldt?

What’s so great about Humboldt?

I had never been to Humboldt, SK before we moved here in the late 90’s. Truly, it was supposed to be a “stop along the way” as my husband and I pursued our careers. That was twenty years ago and we now proudly and loudly call Humboldt, Saskatchewan “home”! What changed? What is keeping us here? What appeals to us that might appeal to you?

First, we came to realize that Humboldt, SK is the perfect blend of urban and rural life. We can ride our bikes to the indoor pool and recreational complex, one of the many locations that has free WiFi, then stop in to pick up our mail and chat with the acquaintances we are guaranteed to “run into”.  The majority of our retail needs are met within the expanding business sections of the community. In the case we want or need more, Saskatoon is a quick hour drive west. Second, in addition to our corporate jobs, we opened our first business in Humboldt in 2001. Our experience in the business community of Humboldt has been a great one. There is a positive entrepreneurial energy that is motivating and encouraging. The relationships we have developed with other business people have led to opportunities and inspiration to pursue new ventures. The growth and expansion continues to show this community is a “place to be“. Third, Humboldt is home to some of most generous people I have ever known. Both in terms of donations of money and time volunteered – the citizens genuinely care about one another. This has been illustrated in many situations in our time in this community: from fundraising for families in need, to good deeds done anonymously, to the committed volunteers at the Humboldt Good Neighbour Store.


Humboldt is home to some of most generous people I have ever known.

I want to be a part of a giving, caring city and region – and this area is just that! Last but not least, Humboldt is the perfect place to raise our family. Both of our daughters were born here and the recreational and educational opportunities for them are numerous. Our health care services, both at the clinic and new hospital, mean we have access to care when we need it. In this community, our girls have more than they need, in a location that is safe and allows them to just be kids! It is difficult to sum it up into one succinct point – there are many reasons that we live in Humboldt and we believe that other people will feel the same way.