New Kid On The Block

New Kid On The Block

Your family has finally made the choice, you are moving to Humboldt, Saskatchewan! The job opportunity is just too good to pass up! But, you’re not looking forward to being the “new kid on the block”. Establishing yourself and learning about a new community can be challenging. Where will you go to meet people? What activities are there for your kids to keep busy? Which day of the week do you put your garbage out for pickup? All of these questions seem minor, but are a big deal when you are trying to adjust to your new residence. Thankfully, Humboldt and area has great organizations and people to answer questions to make this community quickly feel like home.

First, the City of Humboldt has established a great website with many details about the city and surrounding area – both for visitors and residents. If the answer isn’t obvious, you can send a quick email, or phone City Hall (306-682-2525). The Community and Leisure Services department (306-682-2597), located at the Uniplex can assist with everything from booking swimming lessons to renting a meeting room to working out at the new fitness centre. Humboldt is a big enough community (population 6,500+) to have a municipal government that provides not only base services, but also a lot of additional offerings to improve our health and quality of life!

Surrounding the City of Humboldt is the Rural Municipality (RM) of Humboldt. If you are living on an acreage at Prairie View Properties, calling or emailing the RM office will get you in touch with assistance and answers to questions you might have. This includes questions about road maintenance, bylaws, zoning, building permits, etc.

What about businesses? Who knows about products and services in Humboldt and area? Truly, you could stop and ask someone on Main Street and they will likely be able to help you. We are still a small enough community to have that neighbourly attitude to assist. If you’d rather make a phone call, or search online, a great organization for business in Humboldt is the Chamber of Commerce. Their website has an amazing amount of information about regional businesses, but they are also an excellent help in person, as they host the community’s Tourist Information Centre.

We are also home to the Humboldt Regional Newcomer Centre – established to assist new residents that have immigrated from other countries. They provide free regional settlement services including support, information, resources and referrals. They provide a unique gathering place for new residents to connect and socialize – whether someone is from another province or from the other side of the world.
Lastly, I mentioned that Humboldt is still small enough to be neighbourly. As a resident and entrepreneur in this community for over 20 years, I have been fortunate to make a number of great connections. So, please ask me – I may not know the answer to your question, but I will know who to call to find out – Contact Us!