Choosing An Acreage Development: What's In It For You?

Choosing An Acreage Development: What's In It For You?

How do you decide when selecting which acreage is right for your family? Who do you trust? As the developer of acreages, our goal is for you to choose our neighbourhood to build your home.

However, we also have a loftier goal, for Prairie View Properties to be the acreage neighbourhood of choice within a 25 mile radius of Humboldt, Saskatchewan.

So, in order for us to reach that goal and meet your expectations, we need to earn your confidence and prove that we keep our promises. Not all developers take this route, but this is our approach:
1) Have a plan that we share with everyone: Prairie View Properties is the first development in our area to have a clearly laid out 2 phase plan for our collection of acreages. We are committed to providing 14 serviced lots in Phase I and an additional 22 in Phase II. Families choosing to build here will know what they are becoming a part of, clearly, from day one.

2) Provide extras and beauty, even before installing services: The site that was chosen for Prairie View is gently sloped and surrounded by mature trees. To date, we have planted over 4000 additional trees and have built 3 km of recreational trails on site. SO WHAT? Our vision for this neighbourhood is a linked, naturally beautiful community, where the homes will be showcased as a result. Quality of life and first impressions are priorities for us to provide to our homeowners.

3) Offer building guidelines to protect everyone’s investment: How do you know that your neighbour will build a home that will flatter and blend in the neighbourhood? What if they build a canary yellow and fuchsia “contemporary” monstrosity? Well, there may be a place for that style of home, but it won’t be at Prairie View Properties. We are the first development in this area to provide Building Guidelines over and above those asked by the Rural Municipality of Humboldt. Will this mean this will be a cookie cutter collection of homes, with no personality? No, our specifications allow for personal taste, within reasonable asks.

When you are selecting the place to build your dream home, ask if they are offering a plan, on site extras and building guidelines as part of your purchase – to make sure you are getting value today that will only increase over time. Make sure you know: what’s in it for you?