Ready-to-Build: unique, serviced acreages, 1.25 or 2.5 acres

Investment Value: An exciting opportunity, with building guidelines and a thoughtfully planned vision in a growing region

Entrepreneurs and prairie-home seekers will find a place where nature and nurture meet, near Humboldt, Saskatchewan. With a commitment to savouring the quiet peacefulness of rural living, Prairie View will develop inspiring property solutions to fit your needs.

Many established, gorgeous trees enclose the properties of Prairie View near Humboldt, Saskatchewan. Located in the quiet stretches of prairie slopes, all properties showcase Canadian natural landscape.


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Build your dream home where you’ll have space to enjoy it.

Come for a walk along peaceful stretches of golden prairie land. Each day, striking blue skies will blanket your tranquil Humboldt property. You'll have space to explore with family and friends.

Rural living awaits you with Prairie View, near Humboldt, Saskatchewan, where the development standards ensure that investors will thrive on their unique acreage property.

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Patti looks forward to meeting with you to share our Prairie View vision. Let us help and guide you to decide where your dream home will fit best in our community. 306-231-8650

The developers at Prairie View have carefully planned Saskatchewan acreages to provide:

  • Quality regulations for on-site development
  • Guidelines for preservation and enhancement of the natural prairie landscape
  • Options for estate design and development.
  • Cultivation of Prairie View Properties as a family-based community
  • Encouragement for investors to take pride in creating a beautiful Humboldt property!

Click on the links below to find out more about our specifications and Humboldt's bylaws.

Building & Property Specifications

RM of Humboldt Country Residential Bylaws